Where have you seen Bruce Lee from Ip Man 4

This isn’t Chan’s first time playing Bruce Lee, and neither is his franchise debut in IP Man 3. Chan has built a small cottage career playing the much-mythologized martial arts master and Hollywood entertainer. The actor got his first chance to put his hair in Lee’s signature coif in the 2008 TV series The Legend of Bruce Lee. Billed as “The epic true story of a martial arts legend”, The Legend of Bruce Lee ran for 50 episodes and definitely got Chan noticed.

The series was produced by China Central Television and aired on CCTV-1. Chan was apparently cast after performing a dead-right impression of Bruce Lee in his goalkeeping role in the comedy film shaolin football (via South China Morning Post). A brief impression made for a few laughs is a far cry from inhabiting a character through 50 episodes of dramatic television, but Chan has proven he has the chops. The Legend of Bruce Lee only raised Chan’s profile as the preeminent performer of Bruce Lee on the Hong Kong media scene, a position that propelled him to the top of the Ip-Man director Wilson Yip’s casting list when it came time to find his own Lee for IP Man 3.

By IMDbChan was a huge Bruce Lee fan growing up, so the opportunity to play his idol in so many projects must continue to be a true honor.

Kimberly B. Nguyen