Vera Drew On The People’s Joker, The Movie Warner Bros Doesn’t Want You To See

Did Sarah Sherman play her role before or after joining ‘SNL’? I’m curious what Lorne Michaels will think about it.

When we started writing the script, I knew right away that I wanted Lorne Michaels to be one of the main villains. In Batman movies, it’s important to have… I’ve seen reviews of Schumacher’s “Batmans,” which I love, that they have too many bad guys. To me, Batman is great, but it’s really about the villains.

We really needed a big bad guy for that. It was a no-brainer when Bri LeRose, my co-writer, and I came up with the idea of ​​putting Lorne in it. Who better than a comedic warlord for a “Joker” movie? He is part of the problem. “SNL” decides elections, it gets us into wars, it keeps us in wars. It keeps us in this perpetual state of “Socialism is weird, isn’t it? and meanwhile no one in America has health care or anything.

It felt like a good game and I don’t remember how we came up with the idea to ask Sarah. I can’t remember when we recorded with her, because the last few years are so blurry. I know Bri came up to me and said, “We need to get Sarah Squirm to voice Lorne Michaels, and she needs to do a Long Island accent. She doesn’t need to sound like him. We asked her and Sarah did and she crushed it. When I watch the movie, it breaks my head to know that Sarah is in it. I’m really glad we were able to get her in.

As with any good superhero movie, “The People’s Joker” ends with a teasing sequel. Was that the joke, or was a follow-up already in the works?

When I was writing this movie, the ideas kept coming for this world we were playing in. There are at least two other parts of this universe that I want to visit, eventually.

There is a lot about cyber warfare. I guess it could be a prequel?

I have an idea next. It’s really good. I’m probably more likely to get sued than this one was but it will explore a lot of the things we see happening in the background of this first one like cyber warfare why half of America has now mutated, and also going deeper into Joker’s mother and the ancestral trauma there.

That’s all I’ll really say about it, because you have to watch the movie to know what’s next or what’s next. It’s another great IP that I don’t own that we’re trying to bring in that will be another iconic gender character front and center, played by a trans person.

“The People’s Joker” premiered during the Toronto International Film Festival. Future screenings have been canceled due to “rights issues”.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

Kimberly B. Nguyen