Top 10 Classic Premium PlayStation Plus Games

PlayStation Plus Premium has many games in its catalog, which we hope to see grow in the coming months. However, there are plenty of classic games on the service worth playing right now. Monkey Escape offers a charming puzzle platformer from the glorious PS1 era, while the original God of the war trilogy shows the younger days of Kratos. Here are ten of the best classic PlayStation Plus Premium games right now.

Tennis hot shots Is a solid PlayStation Plus Premium classic sports game

You wouldn’t think so from the cover, but Tennis hot shots is a surprisingly entertaining sports video game on PlayStation Plus Premium. The controls are solid as you move around the terrain. There are different varieties of shots like a lob, a spike, a short shot and then a normal volley. It’s up to you to strategically decide how to return your volleys to fool the other player.

Another thing to consider is the character you choose; they each have their own strengths and weaknesses when taking up the racket. It’s up to you to decide which suits your style of play. There’s also a fairly in-depth single-player challenge mode, which unlocks new characters, skins, courts, and referees as you win matches. Even though Tennis hot shots at 16, it still offers a fuller experience than the recent Mario Strikers: Battle League.

BioShock: Remastered Is a PlayStation Plus Premium Classic game worth revisiting?

BioShock Remastered PS Plus Premium

We have a lot to thank the BioShock series for. This helped make the FPS genre more immersive and the storytelling more in-depth. The ambition of the 2007 game was huge and still stands as an impressive first-person shooter that you can play 15 years later. You have various magical abilities at your disposal like using fire or electricity to eliminate enemies.

There are powerful enemies called Big Daddies who dominate the area with their towering structure and act as fantastic bosses. Finally, the voice acting is top notch for the time as the characters in the game speak to you through an old fashioned speaker. It’s one of the most engrossing games ever made and with this remastered version, it seems almost on par with the regular double-A releases.

Pull my evil trigger, The Devil May Cry HD Collection Is a PlayStation Plus Premium Classic

Devil May Cry Classics HD Collection PlayStation Plus Premium

Available only in streaming, The Devil May Cry HD Collection has remasters of the first three titles in the series. The best game to check out is arguably the third, while the second didn’t live up to expectations. The former is a wicked blast from the past as you can see its origins as a resident Evil game are present in the game’s atmosphere and camera angles.

The the devil may cry is a great source of action game goodness with long combos and exhilarating bosses to take down one by one. The bonkers story will also keep you entertained throughout. The graphics have certainly aged compared to The devil may cry 5, but devil may cry 3 is one of the best games on PlayStation Plus Premium right now.

The God of the war Series are classic PlayStation Plus Premium

God of War 3 Remastered PlayStation Plus Premium

Modern gamers may know Kratos from his exploits as the father of Atreus, but before he even set foot in Norse mythology, he felled the gods of Olympus in Greece. The classic PS2 and PS3 games have Kratos ripping and tearing through mighty beasts and gods in a fast-paced manner. You’ll need to keep your cool as you block, roll, and punch at these daunting levels.

The story is epic in scale, and the bosses have even more impact as they drastically overtake Kratos. The animation is also outstanding, especially if you like gore, as Kratos gouges out his victim’s eyes and rips his enemies’ mouths off. Don’t expect a lot of character development with Kratos; compared to his portrayal in 2018, he’s rather boring and angry in classic games. We can’t wait to play God of War: Ragnarokhopefully later this year.

Street Fighter III: Third Impact Online Edition Is a legendary PlayStation Plus Premium Classic

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike PlayStation Plus Premium

Jazzy NYC, here we come, while we play Street Fighter III: Third Impact online through PlayStation Plus Premium. This fighting game has aged gracefully over the years as streamers like Maximilian Dood and others showcase the exciting combos and characters on offer.

This classic title has full 2D animation and thrilling music that will keep you playing for hours. It looks aged and it will stream online which will cause more input lag, but if you can put those aside you’ll have a great fighting game on your hands.

If you are a fan of this game you may want to play Street Fighter III: Third Impact by buying the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection instead, streaming the game might not be the best option.

Final Fantasy XII: Age of the Zodiac Is a glorious PlayStation Plus Premium Classic JRPG

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age PlayStation Plus Premium Classics

Also featured in our list of the best RPGs for PlayStation Plus Premium, Final Fantasy XII: Age of the Zodiac presents a great adventure and deep game system for its players. Initially, you play as Vaan, a 17-year-old on the streets trying to survive, but finds himself embroiled in royal drama. He dreams of becoming a sky pirate and finds a perfect way to do it under Balthier. A princess is then thrown into the mix, and the story continues from there.

The story is told well through talented voice actors, such as Catherine Taber (The Noisy House), Youri Lowenthal (Marvel’s Spider-Man), and Gideon Emery (Final Fantasy VII Remake), among many others. The Gambit system is also very flexible with how you level up your characters, which leads to a rewarding amount of replayability and customization.

Monkey Escape Is a nostalgic PlayStation Plus Premium Classic that still holds up

Ape Escape Classics Premium PlayStation Plus

One of the few select PS1 games on PlayStation Plus Premium really stands out, and that’s Monkey escape. This brilliant game from 1999 is the first to use dual analog controls and, in my opinion, did an incredibly good job with them. Yes, camera controls can be finicky with the D-Pad, but using the right analog stick as interacting with your gadgets is stellar.

You can swing the right analog stick to create a round attack with your sword or catch a monkey with the net. It’s such a satisfying method of control that I love using. Monkey Escape has clever puzzles along the way as you catch monkeys and stop them from wreaking havoc in time and space. I wish PlayStation would bring that IP back and make it for a new generation, whether it’s for kids or kids at heart. At least the PS4 and PS5 port of this game has trophies.

Jak & Daxter: the heritage of the precursors Is a PlayStation Plus Classic 3D platformer

Jak and Daxter PlayStation Plus Premium Classic PS2

Jak & Daxter: the heritage of the precursors is the first and arguably the best game in the series. It features a bright and colorful world to navigate your way through, a fun script, and smooth controls. Before Naughty Dog worked on the Unexplored series, the developer showed its full potential when it released this game in 2001.

The locations, while following the same trend of several biomes like a lava zone and a frozen zone, are a joy to explore, and The heritage of the precursors encourages you to find collectibles in every corner. This 3D platformer has just the right amount of challenge to make it doable for a child, but still challenging for older people. The graphics are definitely dated, but it’s impressive how you can see different towns in the distance like the windmills of Sandover Village moving with the wind.

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Is Another PlayStation Plus Premium Classic 3D Platformer

Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time PlayStation Plus Premium

The PlayStation fanbase has loved the lombax and robot, Ratchet & Clank, for over two decades now, and A crack in time is considered one of the best in the series. The story of finding Clank and discovering the last lombax captivated us all in 2009 when it was released on PS3.

What also helps is the intense mix of platforming and third-person shooters, making for a fast-paced game that requires your instincts. A crack in time is also distinguished by its approach to a more open world. You were able to glide with your power boots through large environments and find all the collectibles in the area. It was an exciting step in the series and even featured in the latest PS5 title. Rift apart. We just wish Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction was included in PlayStation Plus Premium as it is the direct predecessor of A crack in time.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered Is arguably one of the best PlayStation Plus Premium classics

Final Fantasy X Premium Classics PlayStation Plus

The last entry in this list is Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered, a JRPG that helped shape the genre in 2001. It was the first entry in the series to have voice acting, and the production value at the time was incredible. We can say that the series has never been better. The combat is outstanding with challenging and strategic boss battles, addictive moves to learn, and captivating turn-based action.

The story will wrap you in excitement as you explore the world of Spira and become invested in the game’s memorable characters. The slow moving relationship between Tidus and Yuna will keep you smiling, and as the characters grow, you become more attached to it.

The central theme around death and what it does to society is equally poignant throughout your adventure. I also have to shout out Nobuo Uematsu, who delivers an emotional musical score with classics like Yuna’s memorable theme, Besaid Island’s upbeat theme, and Macalania Woods’ enchanting theme.

That wraps up our list of the best classic games on PlayStation Plus Premium in June 2022. Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

PlayStation Plus Premium access was provided to the writer by PlayStation Canada.

Kimberly B. Nguyen