Tomb Raider Movie Up for grabs, likely reboot

Lara Croft in the cover of Crystal Dynamics and Shadow of the Tomb Raider from Square Enix.

Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix

In 2018, MGM released the grave robber to restart film starring Alicia Vikander which did solidly at the box office. A after seemed like a sure thing for Vikander’s take on Lara Croft, which was largely modeled after the events of the Crystal Dynamics reboot trilogy, but then the pandemic cut its production date, and mom’s been the word since. Now, not only does that not happen, but another reboot takes its place.

According The envelopeMGM’s has now lost the rights to grave robber as an IP movie, and now studios are bidding for the opportunity to grab it. Following the intellectual property change of hands, Vikander’s Croft is currently out, with no actor in consideration for the role, nor a director to helm another film. Interestingly, it looks like Netflix’s animated series, which will star Haley Atwell as Croft and takes place in the continuity of the reboot games – is still ongoing.

grave robber is quite popular, both as a game series and as a movie series. The original 2000s duology, starring Angelina Jolie as Lara, grossed nearly $435 million worldwide, and the 2018 film made $274.7 million. Since IndianaJones looks set to bow out, and Sony has Tom Holland’s soul locked in between Spider Man and Unexplored, it’s only natural that a studio would want to continue this franchise.

The news of tomb Raider the version of the movie that reboot comes around the same time as an alleged scenario for the future of Crystal Dynamics grave robber the game surfaced. In it, a more experienced Lara must form a group of new treasure hunters to help her deal with a new threat that would be bigger than herself. Whether that’s true or not, it will be a while before the game releases, and likely even longer before we hear of a new movie starring an established or new actress to continue the Croft cinematic lineage.

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Kimberly B. Nguyen