Times Square Arts presents ANOTHER ROMP THROUGH THE IP by Cory Arcangel

Times Square Arts, the largest public platform for contemporary performance and visual arts, will present Another Romp Thru the IP by artist Cory Arcangel for the month of March as part of the organization’s Midnight Moment series. Another Romp Thru the IP is co-presented with the Lisson Gallery. Midnight Moment is the world’s largest and longest-running digital art exhibition, synchronized to more than 90 electronic billboards across Times Square every night from 11:57 p.m. to midnight.

Another Romp Thru the IP revisits a 2009 improvisation by Cory Arcangel, produced during a residency at the Alfred State Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA). Embodying Arcangel’s signature approach to artmaking, Romp manipulates analog computer technologies and raw data into visuals that are both striking and nostalgic.

The video was created using a Sandin Image Processor, a modular, patch-programmable analog computer optimized for manipulating grayscale information from multiple video inputs, designed by the American artist of Dan Sandin video and computer graphics in the 1970s. The title refers to “Five Minute Romp Through the IP”, a 1971 video made by Sandin himself, featuring the instrument.

“In our age of phones, screens, zooms, etc., etc., I wondered what Times Square would look like – the mountaintop of today’s media landscape! – if we rewind about 50 years and filled it with images made on an artist built tool from the 70s,” says Cory Arcangel.

A different edition of this improvisation was featured in Cory Arcangel’s 2011 solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum titled “Pro Tools”. For Midnight Moment, Cory Arcangel created a new iteration to play simultaneously in the imposing digital landscape of Times Square.

A pioneer of technology-based art, Cory Arcangel’s work focuses on video games and software for their ability to quickly formulate new communities and traditions and, equally, their speed of obsolescence. Reconfiguring web design and hacking as an artistic practice, Arcangel remains faithful to the open source culture and makes all of its work and methods accessible online, thus superimposing a perpetual questioning as to the value of the art object. .

Kimberly B. Nguyen