Stephen King Movie Fans Want To See Next

“Revival” is a deeply moving story about death and what lies behind it. Jamie Morton is a young boy when he first meets Charles Jacobs, the new reverend obsessed with harnessing a force he calls “secret electricity”. At first, seeking to heal others with the mysterious power, a horrific tragedy leaves him disillusioned with his faith. Charles leaves the church and his obsession with the power of electricity grows, determined to find out what lies beyond the cruel door of death. Thematically tied to the terrifying “Pet Sematary”, “Revival” is a harrowing story of destruction, death, various forms of addiction and consuming grief.

The extremely dark end of “The comeback” has caught the attention of several filmmakers, and adaptation projects have passed through the hands a few times over the years since its release. Josh Boone initially attempted to adapt the disturbing novel, with Samuel L. Jackson in talks to play Charles. The project eventually collapsed and the option lay dormant for over three years. In 2020, Mike Flanagan breathed new life into the project by announcing that he was secretly working on a feature film. Unfortunately, the director later announced by Twitter that he is no longer working on the project. Although there are currently no plans to adapt the difficult text, the power of King’s novel remains and it’s only a matter of time before someone raises it from the ashes of hell. development.

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Kimberly B. Nguyen