Sony is making more PlayStation IP based movies

So HBO The last of us is almost there, but Sony is pushing ahead with even more shows and/or movies based on PlayStation game franchises. With mixed levels of anticipation, I would say.

Sony is reportedly working on a Gravity Rush movie with the Ridley Scott production team. The film will be based on the original PlayStation Vita game from 2012, starring Kat, an amnesiac who can manipulate gravity to traverse an open world in a new way. Emily Jerome, the author of an upcoming thriller Panopticon, working on the script. Anna Mastro, who directed the Disney+ film Secret Society of the Second Born of the Royal Familywas chosen to lead.

In addition to that, Days goneThe post-apocalyptic story of is gonna be a moviewith Foreign actor Sam Heughan would have starred in a screenplay written by In the air and X-Men: First Class writer Sheldon Turner. It might seem like an odd choice: the game has sold nine million copies to date, making it one of the proprietary titles. But Days gone has attracted new audiences since its release on Steam – a movie could repeat that magic.

—Mat Smith

The greatest stories you could have missed

Ethereal images are composites.


The JWT took a pair of near-infrared photos showing Jupiter’s auroras. You can also see, above, the planet’s extremely faint rings and two of its smaller moons, Amalthea (the bright dot on the far left) and Adrastea (the dot on the left edge of the central ring) . Astronomers created composites with filters mapped to multiple colors. In several images, the Great Red Spot and other cloud formations are white because they reflect large amounts of sunlight.

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Plans will start at around $10 per month.

The return of MoviePass is almost here. A beta version of the revived service will launch on or around September 5 (Labor Day). Pricing depends on the market, but it will be a tiered system costing around $10, $20, or $30 per month. Initiated, which reported the details of the relaunch, noted that users will receive a certain number of credits each month. There won’t be an unlimited plan – maybe lessons have been learned.

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The organization wants to put an end to confusing response time specifications.

The Video Electronics Standards Associated (VESA) wants to make buying your next monitor or TV easier, and it’s doing it by introducing a new standard. I know what you’re thinking: between DisplayPort, DisplayHDR and AdaptiveSync, aren’t there already sufficient VESA standards? Well yes.

But here is another. VESA’s new Clear Motion Ratio compliance test specification, or ClearMR for short, has a tiered rating designed to communicate the ratio of bright to blurry pixels a screen will produce when displaying a moving image. fast.

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Elon Musk subpoenas Jack Dorsey

Dorsey previously endorsed Musk’s offer to buy Twitter.

Lawyers representing Elon Musk in his battle against Twitter have subpoenaed former CEO Jack Dorsey. It’s not yet clear how Dorsey factors in Musk’s legal strategy. As noted by the Twitter account, the subpoena refers to “documents and communications reflecting, referring to, or relating to the impact or effect of fake or spam accounts on Twitter’s business operations.” Interestingly, he “Documents relating to the integration of mDAU (monetizable daily active users) into executive or director compensation.”

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Kimberly B. Nguyen