Sony bets on IP, theatrical releases and streaming titles – The Hollywood Reporter

Sony Pictures Entertainment remains “100% committed” to theatrical releases of its “premium” films, but it is also moving forward on a full line of “mid-priced” titles in development for streaming services.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra spoke about his group’s prospects during a presentation to investors on Thursday.

In the slide deck, Vinciquerra highlighted Sony’s role as an independent studio, an aggressive studio in selling movies and TV shows to all major streaming services and TV networks. “Competition in spending between streamers to power their platforms will only intensify,” he predicted, citing Warner Bros. Discovery to build. global streaming service.

But he also shed some light on Sony’s commitment to theatrical distribution, highlighting both its flagship releases (like the Spider Man franchise), and more independent tariffs such as Where the Crawdads sing.

Sony is now “the only major studio 100% committed to the theatrical window for premium IP,” Vinciquerra said. “It makes us an incredibly attractive home for top talent and creators who want their films to follow a traditional theatrical release.”

But he also acknowledged that the box office has “still not returned to pre-pandemic levels” and that there continue to be challenges, with many traditional studios “prioritizing their streaming platforms relative to theatrical release” and “geopolitical factors like China and Russia”. …where theatrical release for US studios has become increasingly difficult.

He also pointed to these cheaper film projects, which are being developed with “more flexible distribution options to meet streaming content demands.”

But by far the biggest opportunity, Vinciquerra told investors, was the continued use of Sony’s intellectual property, not just from its current film and TV library, but also from the Sony Music and Playstation divisions.

He noted the two spinoffs from Amazon The boys which are currently in production, as well as titles based on Playstation franchises like twisted metal, The last of usand Ghost of Tsushimaand added that there are 10 other Playstation titles in various stages of development for film and TV.

On the TV front, Sony also plans to leverage more of its two biggest game show brands: Danger! and Wheel of Fortune.

“We have already began expand on these beloved brands with prime-time specials like celebrity wheel of fortune and the Danger! Collegiate National Championship, and we are going to do more,” Vinciquerra said.

Kimberly B. Nguyen