Snow White Star Rachel Zegler Teases Heroic Disney Live-Action Remake

Rachel Zegler says her outing as Disney Princess Snow White will also see the character act heroically, teasing a more active and less damsel-in-distress version of Snow White. It’s the latest in a film that seems like a significant departure from the 1937 animated classic, which was Disney’s first animated feature and has so far been one of the few properties to not having had a sequel. For starters, they replace the Seven Dwarfs with other magical creatures, something that probably wouldn’t have come out this early in production if not for the criticism the studio faced from high-profile actors with dwarfism.

Back in January game of thrones Star Peter Dinklage blasted the film, calling it “a backwards f-king” of midget depictions and adding “what the fuck are you doing man?.” Since Dinklage took the film to task in an interview with the WTF podcast, Disney released a statement about their comments and the film’s continued development, noting that they hope to “avoid reinforcing stereotypes” and “and have consulted with members of the dwarfism community.” Now, a new update on the film reveals that Disney won’t be using midgets in the film at all.

The Amazing Spider-Man and (500 days of summer director Marc Webb is attached to helm the film with Zegler set to play the title role and Gal Gadot playing the new version of the Evil Queen.

“It’s an iconic cartoon, it’s 85 years old, and Marc Webb, our director, is so dedicated to making a hero princess for his daughter,” Zegler told The Associated Press. “I really love that sentiment and hope it resonates for eternity when we do live-action versions of these Disney cartoons, where the women are seen as a bit less than the male characters. I think that it’s possible to be both a princess and a hero, and I love being both.”

You can see the clip below.

The Disney Original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs established in 1937 and established the studio as the name to beat in animated gaming. Over the past decade, many of the studio’s animated classics have been reimagined live, perhaps as a way to continue to generate new revenue from old IP as a home video model (VHS/DVD /Blu-ray) of the past disappears.

This adaptation comes shortly after a pair of films from Universal that saw Kristen Stewart play the part in Snow White and the Huntsman, who also took the direction of making the story very action-oriented and very mystical. .

Kimberly B. Nguyen