Netflix and Mattel are developing an interactive Barbie special

According to an article published by The Hollywood Reporter On October 21, Netflix and Mattel formalized a multi-year deal that will make Netflix home to several upcoming “Barbie” projects, some of which will remain exclusive to the streaming service. The first of these is an animated interactive special titled “Barbie: Epic Road Trip,” which challenges viewers to make decisions that affect how it unfolds. Viewers will supposedly have the ability to make over 100 story-altering decisions, allowing for over 500 distinct outcomes.

“Barbie: Epic Road Trip” follows Barbie “Malibu” Roberts (America Young), Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts (Tatiana Varria), Ken (Ritesh Rajan) and Skipper Roberts (Kirsten Day) on a road trip together, as her title indicates. This group is housing animals that need to be adopted on their way to audition to sing for a famous popstar in New York.

“We’ve consistently expanded Barbie’s presence in the ever-changing streaming landscape through episodic series, long-running movies and specials, digital games, short-form content on YouTube and now, our first-ever TV special. interactive,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mattel Television Fred Soulie.

Netflix subscribers can help guide Barbie’s latest adventure on the road when “Barbie: Epic Road Trip” premieres on the streaming service on October 25.

Kimberly B. Nguyen