NCSOFT Unveils New Robot-Filled MMO Shooter Project LLL

Korean publisher and developer NCSOFT has revealed LLL Projecta new tentatively named massively multiplayer online shooter.

LLL project is in development for Windows PCs and unspecified consoles, with a targeted worldwide release sometime in 2024.

Here is an overview of LLL projectmore first videos:

The LLL project unveiled

“We wanted to create a new genre that was completely different from the recent Looter Shooter or Battle Royale,” said project manager Jaehyun Bae. “We want to create a new market exclusive to NC with a new IP that incorporates the keywords ‘Shooter’, ‘MMO’ and ‘Open World.’ We are developing a project that combines different gameplay styles and elements from previous NC games, and we are very happy to share a preview with our community.

Open world shooter

The world of 〈LLL〉 is a vast open world in which more than 30 km of territory are seamlessly connected to a single environment. The core elements that make up the open world are uninterrupted loading and movement. To convey a transparent environment, we have implemented content streaming and used the most advanced rendering technology. Content production methods are also being reorganized.

Context and tradition

〈LLL〉 is a sci-fi game, but it can also be considered a game that falls under a subgenre of alternate history. It takes place in a world that began with the idea that history as we know it progressed differently due to a particular event in the past. In 〈LLL〉, Seoul devastated, the 10e Byzantine Empire century, and the 23rd century are all mixed in the same tradition.


I personally referenced the novels Foundation and Dunes. Regarding the subject of the game, I was influenced by the novels of Philip K. Dick. I tried to develop the story with themes of technology, human justice and alternate history as shown blade runner, Total recall, The Man in the High Castleetc

Player character

The difference between 〈LLL〉 and other existing NC games and Korean MMOs is that it focuses on assigning specific characteristics to each character. Each character has a unique name, and there’s a background story that explains each character’s background and driving forces. Storytelling elements will be highlighted to show each character’s unique personality.

Kimberly B. Nguyen