Morbius: will ‘Morbin Time’ sequel happen if people keep watching hate?

So it wasn’t the belle of the ball with the critics, and it seems many audience members who showed up the first weekend agreed, considering the film earned a toxic “C+” CinemaScore. , suggesting word of mouth was horrible. . The weekend’s second drop confirmed that, as did the fact that the film only made $73 million in total domestically.

However, the film’s trajectory on digital release is another story. Currently, Morbius sits at a relatively mild “positive” score of 71% among the public who voted for Rotten Tomatoes. And while that poll is certainly unscientific, it does suggest a generally growing sense of affection for the film among those who rent it online for $19.99. And, indeed, the film has proven to be one of the most popular PVOD rentals in recent weeks, debuted at #1 on the premium video rental company Vudu and in second place on Apple’s iTunes and Google Play, where it was notably behind that of Sony Unexploredwhich is currently rented for $5.99 in the US, as opposed to Morbius‘ $19.99 (which stems from the pic being rushed online after just 45 days versus a longer theatrical window for Unexplored).

Ironically, do people praise the film? And do these same people encourage their friends to do it as a gag as well? That’s possible given the subjective but generally prevailing idea among critics that the film is a half-hearted abomination created by a studio with a seemingly fatalistic desire to replicate the Marvel Studios formula, no matter how monstrous or ungodly the results.

However, there is a chance that the film will end up making a small profit when released at home. Although the film was a disappointment at the domestic box office, it nearly matched its $75 million production budget in the United States, where it grossed a total of $73.3 million (and counting). Moreover, when the worldwide box office is taken into account, it has so far grossed $163.3 million. With its cheap budget for a blockbuster (a commodity and, in this case, a bonanza of Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman’s legendary spendthrift tendencies), the film isn’t that far off from making a profit based on the old conventional wisdom that a film must triple its budget at the box office to offset exhibitors’ take and marketing costs.

If this rule of thumb applies to Morbius, it should probably enter the green due to the popularity of VOD and side markets. So the question becomes whether overcoming a crisis of low budget and “It’s Morbin’ Time” memes can somehow create a safe space to greenlight a real Morbius 2? After all, it’s worth noting that the meme persisted long enough that it subtly transitioned from mocking the film to defending it by keeping the product front and center in the minds of digital audiences. Does it lead them to As this?

If we’re being completely honest, probably not. Up to Exhibitor Relations Co. brazenly announcing Morbius‘ return to cinema casting the film in the same serious light as The Batman, the whole perception around this film remains sarcastic. Trying to roll the dice on a potential franchise again because social media has done Morbius ironically cool would be a hell of a risk given that similar superhero sequels based on films that were lukewarmly received the first time around tended to lose a lot of money. think about it ghost rider follow, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) or how even James Gunn is really great The Suicide Squad (2021) suffered in the shadow of its successful but generally hated predecessor, suicide squad (2016).

Kimberly B. Nguyen