Marvel barely makes it into the Top 10 Greatest Movie Franchises of All Time – 24/7 Wall St.

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Some movie franchises are designed as multi-movie series from the start, but most of them grow in response to the success of the number one movie.

Great motion pictures today are hugely complex and expensive propositions, usually involving literally thousands of people – actors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, make-up artists, film editors, set designers and countless skilled craftsmen both on the set and in post-production. A lot of money is therefore based on the success of a film, and once an audience has been found, filmmakers tend to believe that the original formula can be replicated – and a franchise is born. Needless to say, some are more profitable – and some are better – than others. (Beware the Worst Movie of All the Major Franchises.)

To determine the highest rated movie franchises, 24/7 Tempo has developed an index based on user scores on IMDba database of online movies and TV series owned by Amazon, and Tomatometer scores from audiences and critics on rotten tomatoes, an online movie and series review aggregator. All three rating metrics have been weighted equally and are current as of October 2022. Ratings are for all films in a franchise, using the number of votes from audiences or critics as the weighting. The highest rated film from each franchise was determined using the same index methodology. Achievement credits came from OpusDataa product of Nash Information Services.

The most profitable and highest rated of these franchises can be divided into these genres: comic book action heroes, non-comic action movies, adventure, animation and horror.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, by far the highest-grossing film franchise of all time, is represented on the list by sub-franchises – The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man and, in part, Spider-Man (Sony owns the rights to previous films). (These are all the actors who have played Spider-Man, ranked.)

But click here and you’ll see that Marvel barely made it into the top 10 movie franchises of all time.

Action movie franchises Mission: Impossible, Die Hard, Bourne and Ip Man are also on the list.

The sci-fi and adventure franchises Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future have always found favor with audiences. Families flocked to animated franchises Kung Fu Panda, SpongeBob Square Pants, Despicable Me and Toy Story.

Horror has been a fan favorite since there have been movies, and those franchises are represented by the Conjuring, Hannibal Lecter, Evil Dead, and zombiefest Dead series.

Kimberly B. Nguyen