Marvel and EA sign a three-game deal from Iron Man

In a blog post, EA announced that at least three new action-adventure games inspired by Marvel Superheroes were in the works, and EA’s first project was Iron Man. In a recent update regarding the Marvel-Electronic Arts partnership, the official number of incoming games has increased from Iron Man to a total of three games.

Credit @Marvel

More recently, EA announced that they have signed a collaboration agreement with Marvel, with EA making a total of three games with Marvel, the first being said Iron Man title, followed by the other two Marvel titles. EA has reached an agreement with Marvel that will allow the developer and publisher to create three games based on this latest IP, one being the already announced Iron Man game, and the other would be a black panther game and a third title. In addition to the Iron Man games, it looks like EA is planning to make at least two more action-adventure games based on the popular Marvel characters.

At the end of September, EA and Marvel announced that they were developing a single-player Iron Man game at Motive Studios, the team behind the upcoming Dead Space remake. Electronic Arts and Marvel will team up on a 3-game deal, with the first announced in their slate of projects being Iron Man.

We don’t know anything more than the first title is Iron man. Electronic Arts talks in talks with Marvel to produce games based on their iconic comic book characters, starting with an Iron Man title, began rolling in earlier this year. Rumors indicate that the second game could be a Black Panther action adventure game coming in the near future. Although we don’t have release dates, we do know that we’ll be releasing the Iron Man title first. As it has just entered production, we anticipate that it will take at least two years.

Last month’s announcement for the upcoming game starring Iron Man revealed that Iron Man was the first of a number of titles to draw on Marvel Comics intellectual property, though EA hasn’t not revealed how many Marvel projects are in the works. There’s no indication at this time from either EA or Marvel as to what other properties will become the focus of a partnership with Marvel, but there are plenty of options for game developers, including the classic Fantastic Four, the Incredible X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, and many more.

Kimberly B. Nguyen