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Marvel’s Moon Knight: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Character and Latest News

Moon Knight will be here soon. The new series, part of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stars Oscar Isaac as a vigilante with dissociative identity disorder, which is why it’s called “The Fourth Phase. “. It’s about Marc Spector, a former boxer with god-like powers from ancient Egypt. Steven Grant also works in a gift shop. They are joined by Ethan Hawke, who plays Arthur Harrow.

All of the information about the new show on Disney+ has been gathered in one place by TV Guide. This includes information on the premiere date, cast, trailers, and what we know about Moon Knight’s story.

Moon Knight: release date

On March 30, Moon Knight will be on Disney+ for the first time. The season will have six episodes.

Moon Knight: Trailers

During the Moon Knight trailer, Isaac is shown as Steven before receiving a phone call from Marc. “Why did you call me Mark?” Isaac asks in the video. Arthur Harrow says to “embrace the chaos” later. Before Marc is covered in the Moon Knight costume, Hawke’s Arthur Harrow tells him to do the same. Learn more about the film below.

Teasers for a new show aired during Super Bowl LVI. They also have a 30-second video that shows a lot more of Hawke as Arthur Harrow, and a lot more of Marc Spector struggling to separate his waking life from his dream life. Another Marvel poster shows Isaac as Moon Knight.

Moon Knight: Cast

Oscar Isaac is the star of the show. Aaron Moorhead, the film’s director, announced Isaac’s role in a tweet in early January 2020. It was reported that May Calamawy would be joining Isaac in an unknown role. In May 2021, Disney+ finally declared the news to be true.

Ethan Hawke plays the villain.

Moon Knight: Who is Moon Knight?

In the character’s backstory, it’s fun to read. Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1975. He first appeared in Werewolf by Night, written by Doug Moench. Since then, he’s worked with the Avengers, Secret Avengers, and X-Men, as well as She-Hulk. Marc Spector is a former boxer who became a marine and then a mercenary. Unless the MCU changed its backstory, that’s how it became. Then he gets in trouble with the Egyptian gods. He has the chance to redeem himself by becoming the avatar of a god on Earth. Khonshu was an ancient Egyptian moon god. He calls himself “Le Poing de Khonshu”, which means “the hand of Khonshu”. He also has many different identities and is often compared to DC Comics’ Batman.

People don’t know what the character can do but they think he has Military training gave him the skills to be a soldier but when it comes to being a superhero they are a bit confused. He has a high tolerance for pain, and depending on the situation, his many personalities help or hurt him when fighting other people. Also, because he derives his powers from the Moon God, his powers are based on the lunar cycle.

Wolverine’s claws are made of adamantium, so parts of his costume are made of it as well. He also has a huge cape that helps him fall from great heights in style.

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