John Lewis’ Christmas 2022 announcement spotlights children in care

The John Lewis Christmas advertisement 2022 raises awareness for children in care.

Title, The beginnerthe commercial is set to a soundtrack of “All the Small Things”, a cover of the track Blink 182, performed by Mike Geier.

What is the John Lewis Christmas commercial about?

The john lewis The ad tells a heartfelt story of a man’s determination to connect with a child, revealing the power kindness can have on someone else’s life.

From the opening scene, we follow a middle-aged man as he struggles to master the skills of skateboarding, with many failed attempts and mishaps. Viewers wonder about the motive behind his determination to learn to skateboard until the final scene, when there’s a knock at the door.

John Lewis and Partners

john lewis christmas commercial 2022

John Lewis and partners

We see a social worker alongside Ellie, a young teenager who is impatiently waiting to enter her new foster home, a skateboard in her hand.

The importance of skateboarding becomes clear as we understand his determination to find common ground and a way to connect with Ellie as she is welcomed into their family home at Christmas.

“The Beginner” was created with the contribution of partner charities action for children and We do not care? Scotlandas well as specialized advisers throughout the production process.

John Lewis and partners

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Demonstrating the power of giving kindness in a year when Britons seek hope

“In a challenging year, we felt it was important to demonstrate that it’s what we do that matters most. We’re proud to use our Christmas advertising as a way to spark conversation and action. around a problem that is often neglected”, john lewis said.

An estimated 100,000 children and young people will spend Christmas this year in care, and many young people who have been in care as children can often feel isolated and forgotten, particularly at Christmas.

“We want them to feel seen this Christmas and inspire our customers to join us in making a real difference for those in need,” the retailer adds.

What was the reaction?

“That hits hard, as a former Foster kid who’s been in the system for 11 years…it’s really heartwarming to see this,” a YouTube comment said.

“As someone who was in the care system myself as a child, this feels really close to home. And it made me share a tear, that’s how I know it’s a John Lewis commercial. And it makes you think about the power of ads, even if they are simple and basic,” wrote another.

‘Surprising. Full of empathy, compassion and hope. Such a moving and selfless ad,” another user commented.

‘Wonderful, thank you JL! Hopefully this encourages people to contact their local authority’s reception service to find out more about reception,” another user said.

john lewis christmas commercial 2022

John Lewis and partners

John Lewis uses his biggest moment of the year to shine a light on experienced childcare workers

Claire Pointon, Chief Client Officer at John Lewis, said: “We are fortunate to have a truly unique platform in our Christmas advertising, which is sparking a national conversation. As a purpose-driven brand, making a real difference in our communities is important. At John Lewis, we care deeply about families and recognize that they come in many different forms. For our biggest moment of the year, we decided to focus on an often overlooked type of family. We are also very aware that not all results of the care experience are as positive as Ellie’s. The house Ellie walks into is filled with kindness, and the adoptive father’s actions demonstrate that in the end, it’s what you do that matters most.

The announcement follows the launch of the ‘Building a happier future‘ John Lewis Partnership program; a long-term commitment to helping young people with experience of the care system in a number of ways, including finding meaningful careers.

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Kimberly B. Nguyen