IP MAN: THE AWAKENING (2021) Movie Trailer: Miu Tse fights to save his friend’s life

Ip Man: The Awakening Trailer

Li Xi Jie and Zhang Zhu Linit is Ip Man: The Awakening (2021) movie trailer was released by Well, go to the United States. The Ip Man: The Awakening trailer stars Miu Tse, Guanyin Chen, Hua Qi Long, Zhao Yu Xuanand Hao Yan Fei.


Fang Lan and Liu Bayin wrote the screenplay Ip Man: The Awakening. Gu Lei produces the movie.


Plot Synopsis

Ip Man: The AwakeningPlot Synopsis: “While visiting Hong Kong, a young Master Ip (played by Miu Tse) intervenes in an attempted kidnapping, unwittingly sparking a turf war with a ruthless network of human traffickers. In retaliation for his disruption, the gang kidnaps one of Ip Man’s close friends, leaving him no choice but to challenge the group’s notoriously brutal boxing champion head-on.

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Ip Man: The Awakening will begin streaming on Hi-YAH! via Well Go USA Entertainment on May 20, 2022 and will be available on DVD & Blu-ray on June 21, 2022. Want up-to-the-minute notifications? FilmBook staff members post articles via email, Twitter, Facebook, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, Redditand Flipboard.

Ip Man: The Awakening Trailer

Kimberly B. Nguyen