Ip Man 3 Pit Donnie Yen vs. Mike Tyson

Ip Man 3 found the main character facing his toughest opponent yet as he pits martial arts legend Donnie Yen against former boxer Mike Tyson.

IP Man 3 features Donnie Yen versus Mike Tyson in a searing fight sequence. Ip Man is a renowned martial artist and Wing Chan practitioner, along with Bruce Lee (Enter the dragon) being one of his most famous students. Ip Man’s legacy only seems to grow with each passing year, thanks in large part to a number of high-profile films about his life. An example is from 2013 the grand mastera lavish biopic from director Wong Kar-wai and starring Tony Leung (hard boiled) as Ip Man.

The most popular franchise based around Ip Man is the Donnie Yen (xXx: The Return of Alex Cage) featured a series that launched in 2008. The franchise has been hailed for its incredible fights – unsurprisingly, given Donnie Yen’s abilities – and for being great drama too, even if they stray from the real-life lines of the movie. ‘Ip Man for Drama. Yen originally planned to stop after IP Man 2 but was eventually persuaded to return for two more sequels, with IP Man 4 playing the role of final. This entry depicts the last years of his life which included a move to San Francisco and featured Yen opposite action star Scott Adkins (Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day).


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IP Man 3 depicts the beginnings of Ip Man’s relationship with Bruce Lee, and although the producers almost opted to recreate Lee using CGI, they ultimately cast Danny Chan in the role. IP Man 3 also featured an appearance by ex-boxer Mike Tyson as Frank, an American real estate developer who became an enemy of Ip Man during the story. This comes to a head in Frank’s office, where he promises that if Ip Man can last three minutes in a fight with him, he’ll leave him alone.


Ip-Man 3 Donnie Yen Vs Mike Tyson is a standout fight sequence in a movie full of them. Given Tyson’s background, it makes sense that Frank would be a brutal boxer, with his abilities in contrast to Ip Man’s more graceful techniques. Frank brutally attacks with blunt force, landing vicious blows, before Ip Man rebounds and manages to fight Frank to a stop. While he should probably be mad at Ip Man for managing to last all three minutes, Frank seems genuinely impressed when it’s done.

Ip-Man 3 Donnie Yen vs. mike tyson may have been a selling point in the trailers, but that’s just a subplot, and the whole movie is well worth seeking out – alongside the Ip-Man franchise.

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