Henry Cavill thanks Dwayne Johnson and manager Danny Garcia for Superman’s return

The long wait for Superman’s return to the DC Universe is over. Henry Cavill is once again ready to don the red cape. The actor recently made an appearance in a post-credits scene for black adam. It took five years for DC to bring Cavill back to the role he was looking forward to. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the fans who rallied for him to reprise his role, as well as the people around him, managing his projects and keeping their hopes high. Additionally, Dwayne Johnson, who produced and co-supervised the creative output of black adam too pushed for Superman to make an appearance in his movie.


In an interview with Additional TV, Henry Cavill showed his gratitude to all those people who helped him keep the role of Superman. The actor said he didn’t know how decisions were made behind the scenes, but acknowledged that there were many that allowed him to reprise his role. He said,

I think there’s… it’s so hard to tell exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. There were many voices involved.

Thanking Dwayne Johnson and his managers Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia, he added,

I’m so grateful for voices like Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia, and indeed Dwyane [Johnson being so involved in helping me come back to this character. I mean, the deeper I dig the more voices I discover… but, Danny and have a close relationship as well because she was my manager.

As great as it is for Henry to get back into the DC Universe, it’s equally great for fans who have been wishing for Superman’s story arc to continue in the franchise. It’s been almost a decade since Man of Steel arrived, which remains the only solo film to feature Cavill as Superman. Hopefully, that will soon change when DCU moves ahead under the new leadership, with Superman leading the vanguard once again.

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What could Cavill’s Return Mean to Superman in DCU?

Pictures from Warner Bros.

First, Henry Cavill’s return as Superman means the former DC Extended Universe scenario still holds. There were rumors that these early stories would be erased in the flash so that the franchise could move away from Zack Snyder films that conflicted with the studio’s plans. Cavill’s return became more impossible when Warner Bros. underwent several management changes. But, things started looking up when recently the studio announced plans for a new DC Universe that will resemble the Marvel Cinematic Universe, becoming a proper shared continuity over the next ten years.

Now that it’s happened and DC Studios has new management, it’s possible that many Superman stories will take shape in the franchise. Since Superman is an important IP for DC Studios, there is hope for a Steel man sequel to come. Moreover, it seems clear that the next black adam appearance will not be a confrontation between him and Shazam but a duel between him and Superman. Additionally, it would be interesting to see how DC Studios revives the Justice League storyline and establishes other characters associated with Superman, including Batman and Ben Affleck’s Lois Lane.

There’s still time before DC Studios announces Cavill’s future in the franchise, but rest assured, the actor is back and as he himself claimed, his return to black adam is only the beginning of a promising and entertaining future of the beloved character in DC Universe.

Kimberly B. Nguyen