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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Genius Brands International, Inc. (“Genius Brands”) (NASDAQ: GNUS), a global brand management company that creates, produces, broadcasts and licenses children’s entertainment content, today provided a business update in the form of a letter to shareholders from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the society :

Yesterday we announced a 20-year agreement with Marvel Entertainment and the Walt Disney Company, in which we granted Marvel the rights to use STAN LEE in television, film and theme parks. We have also granted them a license to create Stan Lee merchandise and consumer products for sale at Walt Disney theme parks, cruise ships and entertainment venues.

We believe this is a transformational transaction for Genius Brands for several reasons. In addition to Marvel’s licensing rights and ongoing Disney merchandise royalties, this agreement ensures that Stan Lee will remain a staple of the Marvel Universe and Disney theme park experiences for at least the next 20 years. Thanks to digital technologies, virtual reality and archival footage, fans everywhere will once again revel in the magic of this extraordinary man who created countless iconic characters from Spider Man for Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain Americathe The Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Ant Man, and Silver Surfer, among many others. In fact, Stan Lee created/co-created 14 of the top 40 box office hits of all time, including the #1 box office movie of all time, THE AVENGERS ENDGAME. We know that in Marvel’s thoughtful hands, this great man’s legacy will be portrayed with respect and with the dignity and humor that those of us who worked with and loved him would have wished.

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MORE IMPORTANT, however, as Genius Brands prepares to release never seen Stan Lee IP, this transaction with Marvel and Disney will help ensure continued exposure for the upcoming STAN LEE content brand and consumer products created and licensed by Genius Brands on behalf of STAN LEE UNIVERSE, LLC. We were fortunate to enlist Michael Uslan, executive producer of the BATMAN franchise and Stan’s longtime friend and collaborator, as well as renowned artist Greg Hildebrand, known for the iconic STAR WARS poster, to lead the storytelling and design of Stan’s latest creations, moving from development to production.

They are part of a larger program that includes retail, consumer products, personalized fan experiences, and a large presence at this year’s San Diego Comicon in July.

Additionally, we will be launching our first STAN LEE NFTs this year, alongside the STAN LEE CENTENNIAL taking place on December 28th.

As our business grows, Stan Lee will remain a source of value for many years to come, and today’s agreement with Marvel and The Walt Disney Company will help ensure that legacy continues while protecting brand integrity.

About Genius Brands International
Genius Brands International, Inc. (Nasdaq: GNUS) is a leading global children’s media company that develops, produces, markets and licenses children’s entertainment properties and consumer products for media and distribution by retail. The company’s family content IP portfolio includes the Stan Lee brand, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the Kartoon Channel! ; Shaq’s Garage, starring Shaquille O’Neal, is coming to Kartoon Channel! ; Rainbow Rangers on the Kartoon channel! and Netflix; Llama Llama, with Jennifer Garner, on Netflix and more. Recently, Genius Brands entered into an agreement to acquire WOW! Unlimited Media (TSX-V:WOW), which includes 2,500 channels as part of the Channel Federator Network, and has also made a strategic investment in Germany’s Your Family Entertainment AG (FRA:RTV), one of the largest European distributors and broadcasters of high quality programs for children and families.

The Genius Brands Kartoon Channel! is a globally distributed entertainment platform with 100% penetration in the US TV market and international expansion with launches in key markets around the world. The channel is available in the United States through a wide range of distribution platforms, including Comcast, Cox, DISH, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Apple iOS, Android TV, Android Mobil, Google Play, Roku, YouTube, KartoonChannel .com, Samsung Smart and LG TVs, the JetBlue Inflight platform and more. Genius Brands will soon be launching the subscription Kartoon channel! Kidaverse, featuring metaversal content and over 15,000 anime titles.

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