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Fox filled its fall schedule with a number of unscripted series and gave its post-Super Bowl plum spot to Gordon Ramsay Top level leader.

With Thursday Night Football moving to Amazon, Fox plots Ramsay’s return hell’s kitchen, one of four shows the UK chef has featured for the network with more to come. Lego masters also moved from summer to follow The Masked Singer, which returns for its eighth season.

All of this highlights the continued importance of reality TV to the broadcast network’s relatively new incarnation, the unscripted charge led by President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials Rob Wade.

Wade told Deadline that “it’s been a pretty busy year.”

“There were a lot of moves and late changes,” he said. “It’s a pretty interesting time because we have the Super Bowl, which changes the whole complexion of your schedule. All of a sudden you’re trying to build around that.

Senior Level Leader

Where the network may have usually kicked off the return of a show like Senior Level Leader, a series of culinary competitions featuring Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais as well as a $250,000 grand prize, come March he wants to enjoy the biggest national sporting event of the year.

“You wouldn’t normally necessarily launch a show in February,” he said. “But it does raise it if you’re going to kick around the Super Bowl, when all that traffic is coming to Fox.”

Fox, which is a partner in Ramsay’s production venture, Studio Ramsay Global, is essentially creating its own extended universe with the former chief juror. This also has Stars of gastronomy, a shark tank-esque, originally launched on the BBC, which sees emerging food and drink entrepreneurs battling for angel investment.

“We’ll probably analyze them so they don’t feel like they’re on top of each other. The theory is a bit like ABC does with The single person, to do them all year round. In summer you can have Chefin the fall you can have Hell’s Kitchen then a short break before Senior Level Leader and Stars of gastronomy. This means that they roll inside each other rather than being on top of each other.

Wade said they are now considering what other options the Bread Street owner, who also has kitchen commando on the free Tubi streamer owned by Fox. Could it include an American version of Trail Blazersthe series of Ruby Wax adventures his company is making for the BBC?

“I still think there’s room for another style of Gordon shows, he’s very versatile,” added Wade.


The Masked Singer returns for its eighth season on September 21.

The Masked Singer

This season, which was filmed in Los Angeles despite rumors of a move to Las Vegas, will include celebrities in costumes such as Venus Fly Trap, Sir Bug A Boo and The Dragon Bride. Judges Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke will also be able to sit closer to each other this time around, meaning they’ll be able to hear what the other is actually saying to each other. They were also able to return in front of a full studio audience. The show has produced five of its eight seasons under Covid restrictions.

“It was tough but this one wasn’t as tough as the others but he was still affected [by Covid]. If you look at when we went into production in the last two or three years, that’s almost exactly when there’s a spike in Covid cases. We were hit hard casting-wise,” he added.

There will also be a new format point – King or Queen of the Masked Singer with two reveals in each show, and the winner of each show continues but remains unmasked. They were also able to create themed parties including a Muppet party, a Vegas themed show and an Andrew Lloyd Webber party and will have celebrity appearances such as Donny Osmond, Carrot Top, Blue Man Group and Lance Bass.

Wade expects the twice-a-year pattern to continue with another season in the spring.

This is partly due to the difficulty of launching new titles. “Just watch all the shows on network TV right now. How about that’s going well? Even if they’re not doing as well as they used to, they’re still doing better than the new ones. If you’ve released any ‘old shows and new shows based on the old IP so remakes just the brand new titles this summer I don’t think there’s been anything really launched [well] at all,” he said.

Older formats are expensive, so Wade seeks to create larger shows more efficiently, as is the case with his Irish format The big deal via its international-format fund, in development in the United States

“If you do that, there will be more arguments to put them up, but I think it’s a bit like being in a forest right now. The real way to grow the sapling is to get rid of some of the bigger trees and giving them light. But you have to make a very strong business case for that,” he added.

Wade is also keen to leverage more superstar creators such as The Masked Singer creator Wonwoo Park. He said Fox had two things in development from Park “that are really different.” He wouldn’t confirm if they include a remake of the Korean competition series Lotto Singer or the Eurovision-inspired show he revealed to Deadline.

“I’ve noticed that when you work with really good creatives, you constantly get original ideas. They’re not always ideas you want to buy, but they’re always ideas that grab attention,” he said. -he declares.


Speaking of getting attention, the network played on rumors that Tom Brady could potentially appear on The Masked Singer. The rumors started when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback missed 11 days of training camp and the network took to the rumors and Reddit threads with a video showing Ken Jeong guessing that Brady was one candidates.

Fox, as you can imagine, does not bite. When asked, Wade said only cheekily, “We don’t comment on the casting, but we’ve surprised America on several occasions.”

The 45-year-old has other ties to Fox. Prior to his retirement, he signed a massive deal, worth approximately $375 million, to become the network’s senior NFL analyst. He will now assume this role when he finally hangs up his shirt.

But even before that tantalizing deal, Brady, who runs his own production company, 199 Productions, was set to team up with Fox on an unscripted series. During the network’s 2021 Upfronts, Fox boss Charlie Collier teased a series with Brady (“yeah, that Tom Brady”), which Deadline understood to be from Love is blind and Married at first sight Kinetic Content producer.

This project was obviously pushed back by Brady’s decision to return to the field for his 23rd season and it’s still possible that will happen once Brady finally retires, but only time and the Buccaneers’ results will tell. .

At some point, whether in the comment box, hosting a reality show, or on The Masked Singer, TB12 would be expected to appear on Fox.


Rob Wade
Joe Viles/Fox

Fox hasn’t canceled an unscripted show in over two and a half years. Shows such as Ultimate Tag, The Masked Dancer, Game of Talents, Mental Samurai and alter ego are unlikely to return, but there is a possibility. These days, according to Wade, there’s no need to officially cancel reality series.

Unlike scripted series, where cast options are key, entertainment shows are all about format and talent can always be persuaded to return or replace if a network wants to bring a show back.

For instance, So you think you can dance looked dead but returned to Fox three years after it aired with some talent changes.

NBC also parked, rather than canceled, shows such as Amy Poehler’s Do it, by Kristen Bell Family game fight and AGT: Extremewhile ABC parked Supermarket sweep and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Wade said, “There was a real opportunity to move shows between networks and real competition for shows between networks and now it’s on. You can never say never in case a show comes in at a good price.

Kimberly B. Nguyen