Every Ip Man Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

2008 Ip-Man not only spawned a franchise spanning a decade – it turned the eponymous historical figure into a true legend, putting him on par with his most famous follower in the eyes of many. It had the same effect on Donnie Yen himself. He joined Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li as an internationally acclaimed martial arts movie star with Ip-Man, which came out of nowhere to wow critics around the world. “The action is exciting” Empire the magazine said, while Free time praises the “commitment Seven Samurai-style script.”

The first and the best Ip-Man The film begins in the late 1930s, on the eve of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Ip Man is not yet the Wing Chun master he is destined to become known, preferring to practice his kung fu in private. When Japanese forces invade and occupy his hometown, however, he begins teaching the locals his techniques so they can defend themselves against foreign intruders. When a Japanese general sees Ip Man’s skills in battle, he attempts to coerce him into teaching his troops, but Ip Man, of course, refuses, challenging the general to battle instead. With his pride and his people at stake, the future grandmaster goes into beast mode, delivering a brutal beating that incites his neighbors to revolt.

Like a kung fu movie, Ip-Man asset. Not only is it the best movie about the Wing Chun legend, it’s also one of the best martial arts movies, period.

Kimberly B. Nguyen