ENTEK announces major expansion of its lithium-ion battery separator business in the United States to meet growing demand

The new capacity will produce enough separator material to supply 1.4 million electric vehicles

LEBANON, Oré., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ENTEK is committed to the transformational expansion of its U.S. lithium-ion battery separator footprint at a scale and pace to meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s imperative to a sustainable and resilient domestic lithium battery supply chain in the United States. By 2025, ENTEK will have completed its first major expansion of lithium-ion separator production in the United States with continued expansion through 2027 totaling 1.4 billion square meters of annual production. When complete, this initial expansion will produce enough separation material to power 1.4 million electric vehicles.

ENTEK International, LLC

larry keithCEO, said, “ENTEK has supplied the majority of OEM automotive lead-acid battery separators in North America for decades, earning the trust of major automakers and battery manufacturers. Our growth and success is a testament to ENTEK’s ability to continuously evolve and produce high quality, high performance separators demanded by major OEMs. Combined with our robust and proprietary intellectual property and vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing skills, ENTEK has both the commitment and capability to supply the growing and critical US lithium-ion battery industry with product separators. in the USA. »

ENTEK has more than two decades of experience as the only US producer of “wet” lithium-ion battery separator materials and continues to invest in the future of the lithium battery industry. ENTEK’s strategic investments in the US in lithium-ion battery separators begin with the installation of 50 million m2 additional ceramic coating capacity at its new plant in Henderson, Nevadascheduled to go live in the first half of 2023 to support the current base film production.

ENTEK is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a contract with Brückner Maschinenbau to supply the essential biaxial stretching equipment and technology for the production of lithium-ion separators to meet the stringent technical requirements of xEV battery producers. Brückner Maschinenbau is the world leader in biaxial stretching equipment. This partnership will ensure a high-quality, market-ready battery separator film to support the early and exponential growth of lithium-ion battery manufacturing in the United States.

ENTEK’s investment commitment includes building two separate operations of giga-scale xEV lithium-ion battery separators. Site selection and evaluation is at an advanced stage and will be located regionally to support battery producers.

Both giga-scale lithium-ion battery separator operations will be powered primarily by available renewable energy with an emphasis on a reduced carbon footprint and will benefit from ENTEK’s pioneering use of environmentally friendly processing techniques. environment, unlike the methylene chloride extraction systems used by the lithium battery. separator producers in ChinaKorea, Japan and Europe.


Founded in 1984, ENTEK is a global producer of battery separators for the automotive industry, including PE/silica and AGM separators for lead-acid batteries and separators for lithium-ion batteries. ENTEK has over two decades of experience as the only US-based, US-based producer of “wet” lithium-ion battery separator materials. For over 35 years, ENTEK has designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned battery separator production lines in the United States, Europeand Asia. ENTEK’s vertically integrated equipment division, with decades of experience in battery separator production equipment, uniquely positions ENTEK to provide the agility and expertise to produce the equipment used in ENTEK battery separator lines. For more information, visit www.entek.com

SOURCE ENTEK International, LLC

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