EA Motive is the perfect developer for the game

Despite all of Tony Stark’s money and technology, Iron Man has struggled to succeed in the gaming industry. However, EA Motive may be the perfect developer for the job. Iron Man’s only worthwhile video game is locked behind a high paywall requiring the pricey PSVR to play, but now is the time for one of the most popular Avengers to get a proper, more accessible AAA treatment. and appealing to all players.

The announcement of the new Iron Man revealed it to be a single-player focused action-adventure game. The game is not tied to any pre-existing Iron Man work, such as the MCU or the comics, but will instead tell its own original story, in line with the trend of other recent Marvel Games projects. Motive makes it clear that the title is still in pre-production, so eager Iron Man fans will have to wait a bit before seeing the game in action.

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Motive will make the perfect Iron Man developer due to the hard work done on their previous game, Star Wars: Squadrons. Iron Man’s abilities revolve around dogfights and breakneck speeds, and Star Wars: Squadrons is one of the few aerial combat games of the last decade. Thanks to the title, Motive has learned what makes dogfights so fun and can easily use that knowledge when designing Iron Man’s flight controls. Squadrons struck a nice balance between casual pickup and play dogfights, like that of battle frontthe space battles of and the more complex hardcore gameplay found in previous Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Games. Finding that balance of complexity and fun for Iron Man will be vital due to his incredibly diverse toolset.

Star Wars: Squadrons also prepared Motive for the challenges of working on a beloved Disney license. Working on projects for major properties like Marvel or star wars requires a delicate balance between licensees and creators in order to tell the best possible stories in the pre-established worlds from which they draw. be entrusted to the star wars licensing and getting it to critical acclaim gives Disney video game fans confidence in the company’s abilities. Motive’s body of work proves that they know how to treat beloved intellectual property with the respect it deserves.

Motive’s attention to detail when it comes to star wars is second to none, and Iron Man deserves the same kind of treatment. In Star Wars: Squadrons, Motive does everything it can to immerse the player behind the cockpit of fan-favorite ships like the X-Wing and Tie Fighter by recreating the innards of each ship with painstaking precision. It makes stepping into the pilot’s seat of these world famous spaceships a magical experience that goes above and beyond and proves that Motive is dedicated to capturing the pure magic of these licenses. Iron Man might not have the most traditional kind of cockpit, but his heads-up display is just as iconic as any of his suits, and both would benefit from getting every inch of the detail.

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Star Wars isn’t the only proof that Motive knows how to treat popular IP addresses with immense respect. dead space is the company’s latest example. The motif is deeply rooted in the development on the Dead Space Remakeand meticulously reconstructs Issac Clarke’s unforgettable costume and listens carefully to feedback so dead space fans are treated to the perfect remake of the franchise’s most beloved entry. Marvel lovers want to control their favorite Iron Man suits perfectly recreated in the video game space, and Motive’s work on dead space and star wars shows they definitely have the chops to rebuild iconic designs with rich detail.

Iron Man has long been waiting for a video game that people will talk about beyond this generation of consoles, and EA Motive is the right developer to deliver it. Iron Man’s mighty prowess in the sky fits perfectly in the respectful hands of Motive.

Kimberly B. Nguyen