EA Marvel game reportedly in the works

A new EA Marvel Game is said to be in development according to insider Nick Baker, otherwise known as Shpeshal_Nick, on the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast. Baker learned of the rumor from an anonymous source and says he was given more details about this supposed game, but he is being deliberately low-key not to accidentally reveal anything.

Where did this rumor of an EA Marvel game come from?

To the 1:33:00 mark of the XboxEra podcast posted above, Baker explains that he got the information from an anonymous source via private DMs on Discord who had previously verified a seemingly unrelated leaked video that Baker found:

So out of nowhere this new source sent me a DM the other day saying, “So, uh, EA is making a Marvel game, I heard EA is probably making a Marvel game .”

Later in the video, Baker revealed that the source “mentioned this [the game] would probably be to know what IP address within Marvel it would be,” but thought he shouldn’t even give any hints as to what it was because his fans might decipher what he was too easily. said. Baker also admits that he has yet to spread this rumor to other contacts familiar with EA, but plans to do so at a later date. It’s unclear what stage of production this EA Marvel game might be in, so it could well be scrapped before it sees the light of day.

It’s a real risk for EA to consider developing a Marvel game, given that the name “Marvel” doesn’t guarantee success. While Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man series was both critically and financially successful, Marvel’s Avengers received massive fan reviews and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy underperformed at launch. A Marvel MMO in development at Dimensional Ink was also canceled last month. That said, Firaxis will release Marvel’s Midnight Suns tactical card game on October 7, and Insomniac Games has tapped the writer for Spec Ops: The Line as the narrative director for the upcoming Wolverine game.

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Kimberly B. Nguyen