Donnie Yen Discusses Filming Ip Man 3 Fight Scenes With Mike Tyson

Considering the fight scenes are choreographed in the movies, it’s hard to think there could be so much danger. But with actors, it can be irritating if someone is tagged once or twice, as actors will often go through fight scenes multiple times in practice to get it right. The ones who somehow can’t be messed with to get it right are usually the most obvious, as they look awful on screen and usually throw punches and punches. feet that seem incredibly weak, ineffective, and even insane. But when you cast two people who know what they’re doing in the movie and expect things to go well, there’s always an element of risk that needs to be understood and respected. During IP Man 3Donnie Yen took over the role of the famous Wing Chun instructor, and again he was impressive despite the fact that Ip Man’s life story is definitely retconned, but in addition to having faced several adversaries and a Muy Thai fighter, he also faced a crime boss played by none other than “Iron” Mike Tyson.

It’s easy to think a professional athlete would know how to check his moves when necessary, and despite the fact that Tyson could probably knock Yen down if he squarely connected, it’s also understood he knows how to go half-speed. when it’s necessary. But if that was the case this time around, it’s hard to say since Donnie actually said how dangerous it was to shoot his scenes with Tyson since the former boxer was apparently swinging for the fences. The goal, of course, is to make everything as real as possible, but in order to do that, there are times when the actors have to cut everything down to the split second in order to make the fight feel authentic. Unfortunately, it looks like one of Tyson’s hooks grabbed Donnie, or might have come close, and made him realize how much power Tyson still possesses. Hearing a respected martial artist and actor admit that another individual probably could have killed them with one blow.

It may be an exaggeration, but it’s very likely that if Tyson did hook up with Donnie, the outcome would be disastrous. The fight scene the two engage in during the movie is vicious to begin with, and to be fair, if this had happened in real life, it’s very likely that Donnie would come away with several wounds that may not heal before some time. Anyone who watched the movie managed to see that Tyson landed a few vicious punches that a lot of people wouldn’t get over. But as many already know, professional athletes and professional martial artists are often trained to withstand such punishment and deliver harder punches than many others because they are taught to use their whole body when squatting. engage in their profession, which means the average boxer will generally punch harder than someone who is just strong and likes to fight. Similarly, a martial artist will generally have a greater awareness of their body and surroundings than many merely mindful people.

Among the Ip Man films, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but one thing to remember is that it’s for entertainment, using a very famous historical individual who has been considered very influential in the arts world. martial when it came to his. contributions. How much is real and how much is not is something a person is best to research on their own. But to believe everything that happens in the movies is kind of asking to be ridiculed, because while Ip Man was definitely a renowned teacher, his legacy was built in a way that a lot of people are more than willing to challenge. The thing is, he was a real person, but his exploits were out of proportion as much as that of Bruce Lee. Ip Man is a fun movie though, and one that Donnie Yen turned into a very entertaining story.

To think that the two actors would ever come to blows is unlikely since despite all the troubles he’s had in his life, Mike Tyson has proven himself to be a decent individual when he’s on a movie set, and even though he plays some very tough character roles, he has also shown great professionalism with several people. The unfortunate thing is that accidents happen from time to time, no matter how well choreographed a fight is. He is grateful that Donnie was not seriously injured and that there were no hard feelings about near misses or possible connections. Overall, the film was quite enjoyable, although it’s hard to say whether a boxer would stand a chance against a martial artist, and vice versa.

Kimberly B. Nguyen