Beetlejuice 2 Can Finally Repeat Tim Burton’s Classic Success Trick

After 30 years, Beetle Juice 2 is apparently finally moving forward and can become a hit by repeating Tim Burton’s classic thematic ride. While a Beetle Juice 2 The film has been under discussion since the massive success of the 1988 film, nothing ever came of a new cinematic adventure, with the film’s legacy being lived on through annual Halloween and Broadway revivals. beetle juice musical. Known as the film that made Tim Burton the iconic director he is today, beetle juice could finally return to the big screen while picking up some of the director’s best tricks since then.


Before beetle juiceBurton’s only feature film was Peewee’s Big Adventure in 1985, so it wasn’t until his gothic horror comedy starring Michael Keaton debuted that it gained the reputation it holds today. After the success of Beetlejuice, Burton made critically acclaimed classic goth films like Batman and Edward Scissorhands while creating the story and the characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas. After some successful blockbusters like Charlie and the chocolate factory, Corpse brideand Alice in WonderlandTim Burton’s film career suffered a notable slump, with many of his ventures failing to achieve critical acclaim or his typical box office success.

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Although Tim Burton’s notable aversion to making sequels may have influenced the 34-year delay in Beetle Juice 2his only sequel to date, Return of Batman, was a hit with audiences and critics alike. Interestingly, three of the biggest movies in Burton’s filmography involved a thematic twist he popularized, including a gothic Christmas story. With beetle juice already underlined by a gothic and macabre premise, the sequel set at Christmas can finally repeat Burton’s remarkable thematic juxtaposition trick, making Beetle Juice 2 a success and break his recent losing streak.

Beetlejuice 2 would finally happen

beetlejuice 2 hawaiian sequel

While the discussions on Beetle Juice 2 have been in the air since 1988, the film has yet to come to fruition. After the successes of both beetle juice and BatmanBurton’s idea for Beetle Juice 2 was quickly greenlit in 1990, with the director even hiring a writer to scribe Beetlejuice goes Hawaiianwhich would have placed the title poltergeist of Michael Keaton and the Deetz family in a corny holiday story. beetle juiceThe main cast of was supposed to return, but Burton was called in to work on Return of Batmanso the sequel was sent to a place even Beetlejuice would fear – development hell.

Rumors about new Beetle Juice 2 the scripts and the pre-production movement has accelerated over the years. Still, that didn’t seem realistic until it was reported on February 28, 2022, that Brad Pitt’s company, Plan B Entertainment, is set to produce the upcoming sequel. Next to the news of Beetle Juice 2With production on Beetlejuice possibly moving forward, it has been reported that Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder will reprise their original character roles as Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz, respectively. It’s unclear if WB is officially given the green light Beetle Juice 2but the report revealed that filming for the Tim Burton sequel could begin as early as summer 2022. The plot has yet to be revealed for Beetle Juice 2but his best bet might be to repeat Burton’s remarkable success strategy.

Tim Burton’s Gothic Christmas Movies Are Among His Biggest Hits

is a nightmare before christmas a christmas movie or a jack skellington halloween movie

While Tim Burton has produced and directed various beloved films notable for its gothic fantasy and horror style, three of his earliest films outside of beetle juice repeated a trick to achieve widespread success. Each uses Burton’s classic eerie, macabre style in a Christmas setting, with all three movies—Edward Scissorhands (1990), Return of Batman (1992), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – proving to be some of his most successful ventures. Burton is known for his dark style, but it seems to work best when highlighted with a Christmas thematic contrast. Perhaps contributing to the movies’ timeless success is that they lend themselves perfectly to revisions over the holidays, with multitudes of audiences biannually watching such projects at Christmas and Halloween.

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Edward Scissorhands is known as one of Burton’s greatest films in his entire career, with the film following a goth man with scissors for his hands who learns to live in a typical American suburb. Although Edward Scissorhands is usually viewed around Halloween, the film is set during Christmas time, with its climactic final scene illuminating a juxtaposition between Edward’s cold, spooky gothic style and the cheerful, warm brightness of Christmas trees and lights. . This contrast of themes has been repeated for Burton’s only sequel (so far), Return of Batmanwhich saw Gotham celebrate Christmas as the dark Bruce Wayne battled the malevolent Penguin and Catwoman.

Although Burton did not realize The Nightmare Before Christmas, he wrote the story and created the characters in 1982, initially under the idea that he would later direct. Still as producer and creator of the project, The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton (as stylized) is arguably his most successful film to date, having garnered both critical and public acclaim for revitalizing stop-motion imagery and creating a delightful double Christmas/ Halloween. The 1993 animated film is also the prototype for his macabre and joyful juxtaposition trick, as Nightmare Before Christmas also uses the holiday themes of Halloween and Christmas to create even more stark yet satisfying contradictions.

Beetlejuice 2 Christmas Movie Could Save Burton’s Losing Streak

Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice's wedding

For some reason, every time Tim Burton makes a Gothic Christmas movie, it’s a huge hit. Since his latest slate of films hasn’t been well received, it’s time for the director to return to the trick that has consistently brought success to his projects. This is all the more important as Beetle Juice 2 is a success as the film brings back at least two iconic characters, revives a beloved IP after 30 years, and has the opportunity to revitalize Burton’s career. Burton knows that a gothic Christmas theme works, and a sequel that has the stakes high enough needs a formula that can guarantee its success.

While the returns of Michael Keaton and stranger things‘Winona Ryder would already rise Beetle Juice 2To flourish, Burton’s film needs the perfect setting that still differentiates itself from the original for the sequel to pay off. Burton’s next project is The Addams Family TV shows, Wednesday, for Netflix, which is its first dive into the direction of live television. As Burton prepares to return to theaters with Beetlejuice 2 after its 2019 adaptation of Dumbo has been criticized, he has the opportunity to save his series of unsuccessful projects, in particular by returning to his formulas of the early 1990s.

Since the early 1990s, which included Edward Scissorhands, Return of Batmanand The Nightmare Before Christmas, were considered the golden age of the director, relaunching his career can be accomplished by repeating the trick common to each of these films: A Christmas decor. We don’t know when the new Beetle Juice 2 the sequel would be released, but the horror-comedy would fit nicely into a September-December premiere to align with the holidays it lends itself perfectly to.

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