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Major League Baseball begins its 2022 season on April 7 with Opening Day. Here’s a look at pitching matchups across the league, which also has a season opener slate on April 8. We’ll update this list – which is organized by calendar – as the starters are announced. (An asterisk indicates a probable starter.)

Thursday, April 7

The Red Sox at the Yankees

Time: 1:05 p.m.
Pitch match: RHP Nathan Eovaldi vs. RHP Gerrit Cole

Nathan Eovaldi
2021 statistics: 11-9, 3.75 ERA, 32GS, 182 1/3IP, 5.6fWAR, 9.63K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 12-7, 3.73 ERA, 31GS, 174IP, 4.1fWAR, 9.68K/9
For more on the Red Sox: The 20 things we’ve learned so far in spring training on the Red Sox roster

Gerrit Cole
2021 statistics: 16-8, 3.23 ERA, 30GS, 181 1/3IP, 5.3fWAR, 12.06K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 17-8, 2.82 ERA, 32GS, 197IP, 5.3fWAR, 12.26K/9
Yankees further reading: Yankees roster projection: Can the rotation and core of the bullpen deliver solid production?

Cub Scouts at Brasseurs

Time: 2:20 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Kyle Hendricks* vs. RHP Corbin Burnes

Kyle Hendricks
2021 statistics: 14-7, 4.77 ERA, 32GS, 181IP, 1.3fWAR, 6.51K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 11-10, 4.20 ERA, 31GS, 174IP, 2.1fWAR, 6.86K/9
Additional reading for Cubs: Kyle Hendricks, one of the last remaining ties to the Cubs’ glory days, is keeping an open mind about the future

Corbin Burnes
2021 statistics: 11-5, 2.43 ERA, 28GS, 167IP, 7.5fWAR, 12.61K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 12-6, 2.77 ERA, 29GS, 174IP, 5.54fWAR, 11.77K/9
Further reading for brewers: Brewer roster projection: With familiar names, there’s depth in the outfield and intrigue in the bullpen

Met at Nationals

Time: 4:05 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Jacob deGrom vs. Washington TBA

Jacob of Grom
2021 statistics: 7-2, 1.08 ERA, 15GS, 92IP, 4.9fWAR, 13.76K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 11-4, 2.28 ERA, 28GS, 163IP, 6.1fWAR, 12.67K/9
Further reading: Mets 1.0 roster projection: How should the Mets use an expanded roster?

Guardians at Royals

Time: 4:10 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Shane Bieber vs. RHP Zack Greinke

Shane Biber
2021 statistics: 7-4, 3.17 ERA, 16GS, 96 2/3IP, 2.6fWAR, 12.48K/9
ZiPS 2022 projection: 13-7, 3.11 ERA, 31GS, 186IP, 5.2fWAR, 11.65K/9
Guardians reading: Cleveland Guardians 2.0 roster projection: They’ve got a mess on their hands

Zack Greinke
2021 statistics: 11-6, 4.16 ERA, 29GS (30G), 171IP, 1.3fWAR, 6.32K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 10-7, 4.01 ERA, 29GS, 168IP, 2.2fWAR, 7.29K/9
Further Reading for Royals: Why Zack Greinke signed with the Royals: ‘He was my No. 1 choice’

Sailors to Twins

Time: 4:10 p.m. ET
Pitch match: LHP Robbie Ray vs. RHP Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan
2021 statistics: 2-1, 4.05 ERA, 5GS, 26 2/3IP, 0.6fWAR, 10.13K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 7-6, 4.11 ERA, 24GS, 116IP, 1.8fWAR, 9.44K/9
Further reading for twins: ‘There’s a guy that matches your ballpark’ – How the Twins and Carlos Correa pulled off the biggest shock of the offseason

Robbie Ray
2021 statistics: 13-7, 2.84 ERA, 32GS, 193 1/3IP, 3.9fWAR, 11.54K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 12-8, 3.46 ERA, 193 IP, 3.8 fWAR, 11.77K/9
Further reading for sailors: First chance on Mariners’ Opening Day 28-man roster

Pirates to Cardinals

Time: 4:15 p.m. ET
Pitch match: Pittsburgh TBA vs. RHP Adam Wainwright*
Further reading for hackers: Opening Day Pirate Roster Projection: Oneil Cruz is out. Who’s in?

Adam Wainwright
2021 statistics: 17-7, 3.05 ERA, 32GS, 206 1/3IP, 3.8fWAR, 7.59K/9
ZiPS 2022 projection: 13-11, 4.10 ERA, 31GS, 185IP, 1.9fWAR, 7.26K/9
Cardinals for more information: The cardinals bring back Albert Pujols. Here’s how it could work and how it could backfire on you

red to brave

Time: 8:08 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Tyler Mahle vs. LHP Max Fried

Tyler Mahle
2021 statistics: 13-6, 3.75ERA, 33GS, 180IP, 3.8fWAR, 10.50K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 11-8, 4.08 ERA, 31GS, 161IP, 3.1fWAR, 10.09K/9
To learn more about reds: Reds 2.0 roster projection: A week on, a surprising amount is up in the air

Max fried
2021 statistics: 14-7, 3.04 ERA, 28GS, 165 2/3IP, 3.8fWAR, 8.58K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 16-8, 3.24 ERA, 31GS, 180IP, 4.1fWAR, 8.70K/9
Brave further reading: Braves Opening Day 1.0 roster projection: Who will complete the rotation, bullpen

Astros among angels

Time: 9:38 p.m. ET
Pitch match: LHP Framber Valdez vs RHP Shohei Ohtani

Framber Valdez
2021 statistics: 11-6, 3.14 ERA, 22GS, 134 2/3IP, 1.9fWAR, 8.35K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 14-10, 4.00 ERA, 31GS, 183IP, 2.4fWAR, 8.48K/9
Further reading from Astros: Astros 1.0 roster projection: Jake Odorizzi vs. Cristian Javier and filling additional bullpen spots

Shohei Ohtani
2021 statistics: 9-2, 3.18 ERA, 23GS, 130 1/3 IP, 3.0 fWAR, 10.77K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 8-5, 3.63 ERA, 28GS, 146IP, 3.1fWAR, 10.4K/9
Angels further reading: Angel List Projection 2.0: Answering the Big Questions Edition

Padres at Diamondbacks

Time: 9:40 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Yu Darvish vs. LHP Madison Bumgarner*

Yu Darvish
2021 statistics: 8-11, 4.22 ERA, 30GS, 166 1/3 IP, 2.9 fWAR, 10.77K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 10-8, 3.87 ERA, 29GS, 162IP, 2.7fWAR, 10.16K/9
Further reading for Padres: Padres 1.0 Roster Projection: Where Does Matt Beaty Fit? Should CJ Abrams break camp with the team?

Madison Bumgarner
2021 statistics: 7-10, 4.67 ERA, 26GS, 146 1/3IP, 1.5fWAR, 7.63K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 8-9, 4.89 ERA, 31GS, 170IP, 1.1fWAR, 7.64K/9
Diamondbacks for more: Diamondbacks 3.0 Roster Projection: The Busy Spring Edition

friday april 8

White Sox at Tigers

Time: 1:10 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Lance Lynn* vs. LHP Eduardo Rodriguez

Lance Lynn
2021 statistics: 11-6, 2.69 ERA, 28GS, 157IP, 4.2fWAR, 10.09K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 12-9, 3.98 ERA, 31GS, 176IP, 2.9fWAR, 9.52K/9
White Sox further reading: White Sox 1.0 roster projection: what to do with those extra spots?

Eduardo Rodriguez
2021 statistics: 13-8, 4.74 ERA, 31GS (32G), 157 2/3 IP, 3.8 fWAR, 10.56K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 13-10, 3.47 ERA, 32GS, 178IP, 4.2fWAR, 9.63K/9
Tigers further reading: Tigers 2.0 roster projection: A few key battles remain ahead of opening day

A at the Phillies

Time: 3:05 p.m.
Pitch match: Oakland TBA vs. RHP Aaron Nola
Further reading from A: The A’s traded Chris Bassitt, and that’s just the beginning

Aaron Nola
2021 statistics: 9-9, 4.63 ERA, 32GS, 180 2/3IP, 4.5fWAR, 11.11K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 12-7, 3.46 ERA, 32GS, 187IP, 4.5fWAR, 10.58K/9
Phillies further reading: Phillies 1.0 roster projection: Where they stand, variables and where they could still upgrade

Ray Orioles

Time: 3:10 p.m. ET
Pitch match: LHP John Means vs LHP Shane McClanahan

John means
2021 statistics: 6-9, 3.62 ERA, 26GS, 146 2/3IP, 2.5fWAR, 8.22K/9
Projection 2022 ZiPS DC DC: 12-11, 4.35 ERA, 29GS, 159IP, 2.2fWAR, 8.08K/9
Orioles Further Reading: Continuing a union legacy: John Means became the Orioles representative in 2021, following in the footsteps of his late Teamster father

Shane McClanahan
2021 statistics: 10-6, 3.43 ERA, 25GS, 123 1/3IP, 2.5fWAR, 10.29K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 11-8, 3.86 ERA, 28GS, 138IP, 2.0 fWAR, 10.21K/9

Dodgers at the Rockies

Time: 4:10 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Walker Buehler vs. Colorado TBA
Further reading from the Rockies: Rockies roster and 1.0 roster projection: What will Kris Bryant and Randal Grichuk gain?

Walker Buhler
2021 statistics: 16-4, 2.47 ERA, 33GS, 207 2/3IP, 5.5fWAR, 9.19K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 12-6, 3.23 ERA, 32GS, 192IP, 4.5fWAR, 9.74K/9
Dodgers further reading: Dodgers 2.0 roster projection: How 28-player rosters could help LA

Marlins among the giants

Time: 4:35 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Sandy Alcantara* vs. RHP Logan Webb

Sandy Alcantara
2021 statistics: 9-15, 3.19 ERA, 33 GP, 205 2/3 IP, 4.2 fWAR, 8.80K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 13-9, 3.43 ERA, 32GS, 197IP, 4.1fWAR, 8.98K/9

Logan Webb
2021 statistics: 11-3, 3.03 ERA, 26GS (27G), 148 1/3 IP, 4.1 fWAR, 9.59K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 11-6, 3.03 ERA, 31GS, 168IP, 4.3fWAR, 9.40K/9
Giants for more information: The Giants Opening Day Story Turns Into Who Won’t Be There

Rangers at Blue Jays

Time: 7:07 p.m. ET
Pitch match: RHP Jon Gray vs. RHP José Berríos

Jon Gray
2021 statistics: 8-12, 4.59 ERA, 29GS, 149IP, 2.3fWAR, 9.48K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 11-10, 4.16 ERA, 31GS, 159IP, 2.3fWAR, 9.56K/9
Further reading from Rangers: 2022 Texas Rangers Roster Projection 1.1 – Updated 28-man roster and fifth starting competition

Jose Berrios
2021 statistics: 12-9, 3.52 ERA, 32GS, 192IP, 4.11fWAR, 9.56K/9
ZiPS DC 2022 Screening: 14-8, 3.84 ERA, 32GS, 194IP, 3.2fWAR, 9.28K/9
Blue Jays further reading: Blue Jays roster projection 2.0: How expanded rosters change team composition

(Photo by Gerrit Cole: Nathan Ray Seebeck/USA Today)

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