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the witcher The franchise has never been more entrenched in the mainstream when looking at CD Projekt Red’s game hits and Netflix’s live-action adaptation of author Andrej Sapkowski’s fantasy epic. But The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is arguably what was the biggest trigger for IP’s international fame, and it has since amassed millions of devoted fans.

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Between The Continent’s rich and dense lore and behind-the-scenes production of the acclaimed game, many of these fans are well-versed in everything that happens in and around The Witcher 3 who made him such an icon of the game.


Geralt’s famous bathtub scene influenced the Netflix scene

Split image of Geralt in a bathtub in the Netflix adaptation and in The Witcher 3

Geralt de Riv, especially in The Witcher 3, is known to many fans as quite a gruff spectator, and an early scene from the game almost instantly became iconic. At the start of the game, Geralt is in Kaer Morhen in a rare moment of peace bathing at the famous witcher base of operations.

the witcher The live-action spectacle quickly became one of Netflix’s best original series, where that famous scene from the game also got its own real-life “adaptation”. The scene with Henry Cavill’s iteration of the white wolf bathing in Yennefer’s bathtub in Rinde was a clear reference to this.

Anna Henrietta from Blood And Wine is played by an actress from the Netflix series

Split image of Tissaia in the uniform of Rector of Aretuza and Anna Henrietta in her royal attire as Duchess of Toussaint

On the Netflix side of the franchise, Aretuza’s rector – Tissaia de Vries – is one of the show’s most compelling supporting characters. Swedish actress MyAnna Buring gives powerful performances as a mistress witch in every scene she appears in, but this isn’t the first time she’s starred in a film either. Witcher– related project.

One of the many reasons The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best modern fantasy RPGs is how vast its content is, and Buring played a part in that in the equally acclaimed blood and wine DLCs. In the expansion, she played the scenic country of the ruling Duchess of Toussaint, Anna Henrietta, who hires Geralt to hunt down a crawling beast.

Henry Cavill is a big fan of The Witcher 3

Geralt in the town of Blaviken during the infamous

Henry Cavill is something of a unicorn in Hollywood, as the beloved actor is also a huge fan of most things nerd culture. This of course includes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He revealed it in an interview with QG and knew the franchise especially through this third game.

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Cavill continued to immerse himself in all aspects of The Continent’s world by also reading Sapkowski’s books. Becoming so engrossed in a franchise probably isn’t a requirement to qualify for a role in its live-action adaptation, but it’s certainly nice for longtime fans to see a version of Geralt himself sharing the same passions. .

Geralt of Riv is not from Riv

Geralt de Riv in Toussaint from The Witcher 3

As fans would expect from a fantasy franchise, there are plenty of characters whose names are part of a royal title. This is common practice for nobility and those otherwise considered accomplished, with Geralt de Riv’s name resembling the latter.

However, those who dig into the lore and backstory of the titular witcher will find that he is in fact not from Rivia. Geralt hails from the Kaedwen region, and he only adopted this title to impress the nobles and increase his chances of getting indentured work. It’s a smart game considering the callous people wizards constantly have to deal with to make ends meet.

The game’s canon is further fleshed out in the comics

Geralt of Riv fighting a monster with his silver sword

CD Projekt Red’s adaptation of the witcher book series is its canon, however, The Witcher 3 and the previous two games aren’t the only places to pull more stories from this continuity. Comic book publisher Dark Horse Comics has published a series of comics set in the canon of CD Projekt Red, which should make a great comic to read for fans of the witcher games or live adaptation.

The comics tell stories between the Geralt-led video game developer’s trilogy that should satisfy readers both as supplemental material and on the comic’s respective terms.

A sword in the game references Jon Snow

Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones

The iron Throne has become a fantastic phenomenon and one of HBO’s biggest original shows – last season aside – so it’s no surprise to see CD Projekt Red throwing in some fun nods to the author’s franchise George RR Martin. In The Witcher 3players can acquire a sword called Longclaw, which is a certain reference to Jon Snow’s sword name.

This sword was given to Jon by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont when the former was still a Night’s Watch steward, made instantly recognizable by fashioning the end of Longclaw’s hilt to be a white wolf – which just happens to be another convenient coincidence in the witcher.

Emperor Emhyr is played by a Game of Thrones veteran

Shared image of Emperor Emhyr in The Witcher 3 and Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones

In tune with the coward The iron Throne Connections, The Witcher 3 introduced an alumnus of the sprawling series as an important figure in the game’s history and world. Emperor Emhyr var Emreis of Nilfgaard is one of the continent’s most cunning and dangerous political figures, as well as the Ciri’s biological father.

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So while it’s certainly a typo, it’s hard not to appreciate actor Charles Dance’s commanding performance as Emhyr in the game. Given his dominant portrayal as the patriarch of the family and villain Tywin Lannister during the first four seasons of The iron Throneplaying the emperor was a natural fit.

Blood And Wine contains an Arya Stark reference

Arya recovers her identity and leaves the House of Blacks and Whites

Returning to the vibrant country of Toussaint in the blood and wine expansion, fans can find yet another The iron Throne reference should they pay close attention to the chatter in the city.

Sometimes a young girl can be heard saying that her brother gave her a sword which she decides to call “Needle”. As fans will surely recognize, this refers to the small sword Jon Snow gave him just before leaving Winterfell with their uncle Benjen Stark to join Night’s Watch.

The Bloody Baron seems to echo GoT’s Robert Baratheon

Shared image of Bloody Baron in The Witcher 3 and Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones

While there are no cast crossovers in this specific case, the cynical and jaded ruler of Crow’s Perch seems to be inspired by the late King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Robert Baratheon. The entire game is an engaging and branching story, but the first part of The Witcher 3 where Geralt ends up in Velen is arguably where his strongest storytelling is present.

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The Bloody Baron’s questline is as gripping as it is tragic, and the Baron himself displays many of the flaws that his The iron Throne consideration seems to have. They’re both violent drinkers from broken families, and the many deer skulls in his dungeon seem to push the reference further.

Dandelion/Jaskier is actually in his late 40s

Dandelion in her bard outfit in The Witcher 3 promo art

Geralt de Riv is certainly known for defying the aging process himself, as wizards are incredibly slow biologically aging mutants. Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor, is well into his second century by the time he is killed in The Witcher 3‘s Battle of Kaer Morhen. However, the case of Dandelion – a human – seems to be more disconcerting.

He looks like a young man in his late twenties or early thirties, but in the last game in Geralt’s CD Projekt Red history, he’s nearly 50 years old. This matches Sapkowski’s books, as Dijkstra tells him in the author’s book. blood of elves, “I know you’re almost forty, you look almost thirty, you think you’re a little over twenty and you act like you’re barely ten.”

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